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  • "Simply put, the Davis therapy including the NOIT has allowed us to meet our son for the very first time. He has been on medication for his ADHD since preschool to help him to f..."
    Client James's mum
    I finally met my own son
  • "After a week of concepts at the Holiday Retreat on the Central Coast, James returned home to Perth and I got this email from his mum, 2 days later: Dear Barbara, thank you... t..."
    21-year old Asperger man
    Want to make the Basketball team and get a grant to study in USA
Barbara Hoi  - Autism Sydney

Barbara Hoi

Davis Autism facilitator/coach 2014 - 2017

M; 0402 686 327

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When I discovered 13 years ago, that my then 9-year-old son was dyslexic, I was fortunate enough to come across Ron Davis' best selling book 'The Gift of Dyslexia'. When I witnessed the change in him, after a Davis Dyslexia Correction Program®, both in confidence and academically, I trained to become a facilitator myself. I have since helped many Dyslexic children and adults. Already then, I noticed that some of my clients were more on the spectrum and needed additional help.

When Ron Davis released his program, the Davis Autism Approach®, I was one of the first to sign up and train as a facilitator/coach. It had always been Ron's dream to help children on the Autistic spectrum, as he was himself  a 'Kanners-baby', as back in his days Autism wasn't even defined yet. I feel privileged to have learned from him and worked with Autistic individuals in the past.

I have decided that from 2018 I will focus on working with the parents, rather than the children, to cause a deep change. Currently this model is applied to parents of children with dyslexic, dyspraxic, ADD/ADHD children - and also with hyperlexia. 

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Ron Davis who was autistic, speaks.
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