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New Research finally brings results

Posted by on June 3, 2013 at 6:00 AM

After 18 months of trials on non-verbal Autistic individuals of a new device, called a NOIT (Neuro-Orientation-Induction-Telemeter), the good news are out and we are allowed to talk about it.

Here in Sydney, one gorgeous 10-year old boy, was the first person to wear a NOIT in Australia. For 9 months, the boy was wearing the device (stuck with Gel onto his back, between the shoulder blades) for about 8 hours every day. Now he too is well on his way to individuation, although in his case, the language has not fully set in yet. He displayed a much improved tolerance of stimuli, esp. noises (like noisy, screeching girls; dogs barking; lawn mowers used to set him off - not any longer), touch (it's easy now to cut his hair, his nails etc...which previously was a big challenge), patience (he now understands to wait for a meal, to wait his turn or sit patiently in a restaurant with his parents, without being noticed as having any challenges at all). When I last saw him in October, after the trials, it was like sitting next to a different child. He laughed at my jokes, held an appropriate distance (being friendly and close to me, but not too close - as before), responded appropriately to different questions, even though not much in a verbal way. It was a real pleasure to see the difference, which his parents, who had tried just about everything available today to help Autistic Individuals, commented on and also appreciated.

There will be another round of trials, with another - even more user-friendly version of the NOIT - and again the NOIT team from Davis Autism Approach America is looking for canditates. If you know of anyone, wanting to participate, please contact me on:

0402 686 327 (Barbara)


More info about the NOIT on this video:

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