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Quotes Simply put, the Davis therapy including the NOIT has allowed us to meet our son for the very first time. He has been on medication for his ADHD since preschool to help him to focus so he would not fall completely behind. Since being put on medication, his personality has not been able to shine through. He would describe it as being put in a box or tunnel with no way to get out. Our baby was trapped in his own body. He was so withdrawn and had minimal interactions with others. The worst part was, the medication did not even solve his learning problems. Since the therapy and NOIT, James has been freed from the diluted world that he has lived in and is able to focus and thrive more than ever before. Who knew that our son was so funny, smart, and inquisitive? We thank God everyday for answering prayer by introducing this program to our family. Quotes
Client James's mum
I finally met my own son

Quotes After a week of concepts at the Holiday Retreat on the Central Coast, James returned home to Perth and I got this email from his mum, 2 days later: Dear Barbara, thank you... the BEST news is that he has trained really well this week and is in the basketball team for Sat night game! His coach can't believe his eyes.Even my cousin, whose little boy did some training this week at the same time as James, commented that he looked very different. She described that he looked grounded, connected and very present!!!! So we are continuing on, I think some social changes are happening too. Thank you again... a grateful mum Quotes
21-year old Asperger man
Want to make the Basketball team and get a grant to study in USA

Quotes "The 'ting' sound, which he was wearing as a NOIT device on his back for months now has definitely made a positive improvement, decreasing his sensitivities and making him more present. We don't have nearly as many melt-downs as before and he has a much better relationship to others in a proper manner. Although his language hasn't set in enough, his non-verbal communication skills are much improved: he laughs, cries and shows appropriate emotions - which wasn't always the case. At school he engages with other children and makes friends. Thank you!" Quotes
Kit Y.
mother of Autistic 10-year old

Quotes I just spoke with Mike's mom and she said that she asked Mike what he thought about the "ting". He said, "It's grounding me." Mom then asked, "What does grounding mean to you?" and he replied, "The ground isn't moving anymore. The earth has never stood still for me before." Quotes
Mike S.
44-year old Autistic man

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