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We are very excited to tell everyone that we are ready to begin our second wave of field trials on the NOIT device! To those of you who participated in the first field trial, heartfelt thanks from Ron and the NOIT Research Team. Your help has been invaluable!


The first wave gave us an opportunity to determine if the NOIT does what it is supposed to do – allow the user to orient and begin the individuation process. And it worked! All participants who completed the NOIT trial experienced significant changes indicating that their senses began to integrate and they began to individuate. Common indicators included: less sensory sensitivity, less obsessive and ritualistic behaviours (stims), improved sense of self, improved gross motor skills, and improved social interaction skills. Language was improved in most cases and almost all users verbally indicated an emerging sense of self with the use of their own name, as well as the use of “I”, “Me”, and “Mine”.


We got lots of feedback about the device itself so Ron has been working on making it more user friendly. He has improved the design to include a new durable case, more surface area for the gel pads to stick, a gel pad that clicks into place on the NOIT removing the problem with wires sticking out, and added a spot to tie a ribbon which can be pinned to the inside of a shirt or shirt tag (so if the device falls off, it won’t get lost). Now, we need to make sure this new prototype has what it takes before we go to mass production! We need 6 new participants to trial this new prototype. Right now, we want people who are fully licensed Davis Autism Facilitators or actively working on Field Assignment 2 to help us to find new NOIT clients. Contact us at for an application form if you have someone in mind. Keep in mind that you are welcome to charge hourly rates to field trial participants for your time.


What else is new this time around? As we already know the device has the desired effect, we don’t need to collect nearly as much data. Therefore, there is only one Weekly Participant Report form -- no more daily forms -- YAY! The Characteristics Profile has also been pared down so there is now less paperwork for the pre and post reporting! There is a change in cost for this trial too. To take part, please contact Barbara Hoi on 0402 686 327, or hoi.barbara!


We are also developing an online NOIT Facilitator training program for Autism Facilitators who wish to pursue marketing and using the NOIT with non-verbal autistic individuals as part of their practice when we have finished the research trial.  A use and care CD is also in the works which will help both facilitators and participants to become familiar with the device.



If you have any questions please contact me at!


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